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We are happy to help each other grow! Sponsorship will help us keep researching and cover the costs of managing our special events, including catering costs, attracting art critics, and paying for volunteer thank-you packages. Our project does its best to establish how art was related to propaganda and understand its role in various social movements. It can also help you recognize visual propaganda and avoid the negative influence of harmful ideologies.

We offer efficient ways of placing our sponsors’ logos on our website to make it visible. Our partners can also interact with the public at our special events by providing their services or placing ads. We stand for mutually beneficial cooperation and always strive to provide our partners with new opportunities for further financial growth.

Although we were sure the idea of doing the project had big potential, we faced some difficulties with engaging new sponsors. Therefore, we hire an expert fundraiser to avoid common mistakes and make our strategy effective for both the project goals and our sponsors’ aims.

Thus, our sponsorship history starts with designing a simple key metrics presentation by answering four main questions:

What is the idea and concept of the project?
Who is this project for?
What opportunities for native brand advertising do we offer?
What participating bonuses do our sponsors get?

Thus, while advertising with us, you will always know why you are doing it and what to expect in the end. To become our sponsor, fill out the form below. Have some questions left? We’re here to answer them and explain the role of effective sponsorship with Ideological Art.